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3rd Annual Global HR Excellence Energy Summit 2024 | Dubai | May 13-16

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Event Description

 HR Evolution: Shaping Tomorrow’s Energy Workforce

Unlock the Future of HR in the Energy Sector at our 3rd Global HR Conference! Join us from May 13-16, 2024, in Dubai, as we delve into strategies aligned with the evolving pulse of the energy industry. Our discussions transcend theoretical frameworks, offering practical insights grounded in the realities of the sector.

  • 500+ Attendees
  • 60+ Speakers
  • 6+ Panel Discussions
  • 30+ Panelists

Immerse yourself in a curated program tailored exclusively for HR professionals in the energy field. Gain actionable knowledge through interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions led by industry pioneers. Navigate industry challenges with innovative approaches and position yourself as a frontrunner in the energy HR landscape.

This summit goes beyond addressing unique HR challenges; it is a collective effort to shape the future of HR in the energy sector. Explore opportunities for positive change and sustainable growth, ensuring HR becomes a driving force within the evolving energy landscape. Don't miss the chance to explore cutting-edge solutions and elevate your career at this transformative event!

Event Details

Date: May 13, 2024

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