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Early Stage Symposium 2.0 | Hansraj College | April 24

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Event Description

Attention all enterprising and pioneering minds! If you harbour aspirations to find an enchanted startup,  stemming from your academic institution, then The Commerce Society has an electrifying revelation awaiting for you yet again!

We are pleased to unveil our ‘Early-Stage Symposium 2.0’, meticulously crafted to ignite the passion of aspiring entrepreneurs. Our forum offers a unique chance for you to engage and network with some of India’s most reputed business intellects, capable of bringing your innovative concept to life.

It’s important not to misinterpret this symposium as a traditional B-Plan contest. The first-ever Early Stage Symposium witnessed notable partnerships with leading venture capital firms like Chiratae Ventures, Orios Venture Partners, Venture Catalysts, and others. The event saw impressive involvement from distinguished student-led startups across diverse sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Media, Healthcare, and beyond, culminating in the triumphant success of ESS 1.0.

We endeavour to furnish a unique and deeply engaging encounter for all attendees, concentrating on nascent startups. The event is customized to nurture and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in their early start-ups,  providing them with vital tools and aids essential for prosperity and distinction.

Therefore, prepare to ignite the scene and embark on the premier step toward reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape!


  • Open to all with a startup idea worth sharing
  • Team size: 1 to 4 members from any organization/college
  • An individual can be part of only one team

Round Specific Rules:

  • Screening Round:
    • Submit a pitch deck with a maximum of 10 slides (excluding the cover slide and appendix) covering various aspects of the startup idea
    • Only PDF file format accepted
    • The naming convention for PDF files: Project name_Team Leader.pdf
  • Final Round:
    • Top teams pitch their ideas to top VC firms and Angel investors
    • Selected teams present to investors through online mode

Event Details

Date: April 20, 2024

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