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ET Now CX Summit | Mumbai | June 27

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Event Description

Calling all CX enthusiasts, it's time to elevate your customer experience!

In the present digital era, organizations find themselves at the epicentre of a profound transformation in the dynamics of customer engagement. The significance of digital transformation in reshaping customer experience cannot be overstated. Customers, now more interconnected, informed, and discerning than ever, harbour heightened expectations of seamless, personalized, and delightful interactions across all channels – be it websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, or other digital avenues.

Join us for a captivating journey of customer experience transformation at the ET NOW 5th
Edition of CX Summit 2024, Themed: Journey to Customer Excellence: Uniting Innovation, Insights and Impact.

  • 30+ Thought Leaders
  • 250+ Attendees
  • 10+ Sessions
  • 8+ Hours of Networking
  • 25+ Brand Felicitations
  • 25+ CX Leaders Felicitations

Who's Invited? 

  • CXOs
  • Customer Experience Heads
  • Digital Transformation Heads
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Customer Engagement Leadership
  • Senior Management (CEO, CMO, COO, CDO, CTO)


Event Details

Date: June 27, 2024

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