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India Blockchain Tour 2024 | Kolkata | August 31

Event Description

Art is an institution with deep respect for order and tradition, but you don’t get potatoes in your biriyani without breaking a few rules. The place many of India’s most influential writers, artists, and filmmakers call home, Kolkata is a city that fears nothing. It simply oozes with culture.

With its incredible range of galleries, theaters, and music venues, Kolkata’s thriving art scene has produced a rather curious, yet cautious, Web3 community. From setting up NFT art galleries to hosting Durga Puja in the Metaverse, Kolkata possesses one of the most intriguing crypto communities the country has to offer, testing the boundaries of what Web3 could potentially accomplish.

Network with the industry’s brightest minds in a city near you! The India Blockchain Tour (IBT) is a series of events dedicated to exploring the potential of blockchain technology in India, bringing crypto enthusiasts, experts, investors, and entrepreneurs together to discuss the latest developments and opportunities in the digital assets space.

There’s tremendous potential for growth in the blockchain industry, IBT is poised to be a game-changing event, fostering India’s Web3 communities, and accelerating the industry’s growth across the nation.

Event Details

Date: June 01, 2024

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