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Shri Ram Debating Masterclass 2024 | SRCC DU | April 5-19

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With a legacy spanning over 50 years, The Debating Society, SRCC has promoted healthy discourse and bolstered knowledge. Succeeding the likes of Late Shri Arun Jaitley, we strive to ensure that the activity grows beyond the confines of selective participation. 

We present to you a one-of-its-kind, first-ever, Shri Ram Debating Masterclass 2024 to guide blooming students through the fundamentals of Parliamentary and Conventional Debating along with interactive sessions, guest lectures by the world’s best debaters, fun group games, and much more! The masterclass will give students from the best institutions in the country, the finest debating training of the country and the most intricate details of parliamentary discourse.

Eligibility: Classes 9th to 12th, Batch of 2024 & Undergraduate Students

While the idea of public speaking often invokes fear and apprehension, the correct training can give you the groundwork to proceed with comfort and attain excellence. We sincerely extend our invitation to you to join us on this journey to hone your debating and communication skills.


Learn the art of debating from the absolute best in the world!

Looking forward to hosting you!

In case of any queries, feel free to contact:

Kanishk Gupta: +91 90841 22294

Bhavya Nayak: +91 81783 17454


Event Details

Date: April 03, 2024

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