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Startup Conclave- E Summit 2024 | RLAC DU | April 5

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~ E Summit RLAC 2024 serves as a distinguished forum where emerging entrepreneurs, trailblazing innovators, and impactful changemakers converge to network, exhibit their accomplishments, and thrive within the burgeoning startup landscape of our nation.

~ We are pleased to extend our invitation to the Startup Conclave at E-Summit RLAC, set to take place on April 5th, 2024. This event provides a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their products/service/ideas to a broad spectrum of potential customers, ranging from skilled students to a sizable consumer base. Setting up a stall enables startups to showcase their brand, mission, and unique selling points, contributing to brand awareness . Furthermore, participants can engage with the student community to gather valuable feedback and insights. Entrepreneurs stand to gain substantial benefits from this conclave, as it will feature the presence of angel investors, allowing for the possibility of pitching business ideas and securing funding opportunities. Furthermore RLAC Student Startups stand a chance to get incubation from the college authorities. 

~ As a part of Startup Conclave, each selected startup will get a stall set up to showcase their idea, products and services to a wide student community, faculty and Strategic Investors at E-Summit RLAC .


~ Key points for Startup Conclave participation at E-Summit RLAC:

1) Stalls are free for all startups (All student startups of DU Colleges). 

2) Ideation stage startups are encouraged to participate.

3) Direct selling and purchase is prohibited.

4) All Participants are bound to adhere by the rules and regulations framed by E-Cell RLAC. 

5) The final decision of shortlisting the startups stands in the hands of E-Cell RLAC.

~ For Queries, Contact: Mehul (9711277921), Diksha (9910275414)

Event Details

Date: April 05, 2024

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