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StartUp Conclave | NMIMS Mumbai | February 22

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Event Information

All that you need to know about StartUp Conclave

"Attention all startups! 🌐 Explore the investment potential at Startup Conclave 2024, hosted by NMIMS, Mumbai,supported by Government Partner Maharashtra State Innovation Society where innovation meets investment. Present your vision virtually, captivate audiences, and connect with investors. Don't miss this opportunity to access mentorship, compete for prizes, and establish valuable connections.

About the Panel:

1. Maharashtra State Innovation Society: A nodal government agency to boost innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems in the state of Maharashtra.
2. 100X.VC: The first VC in India to invest in early-stage startups using founder-friendly India SAFE Notes. 100X.VC is on a singular mission to help their portfolio founders scale, grow, and succeed.
3. Sathguru Catalyser Fund: The Sathguru Catalyser Fund is managing alternative funds focusing on Health, Agriculture and Food sectors. It supports companies with innovative solutions.
4. Globe Teleservices: A leading telecom solution company, offering cutting-edge next-gen solutions in fraud management, Voice & SMS, and customer engagement.


Guidelines for the Event:

  • Each team must consist of 1–4 members.
  • The team leader of the team will remain the single point of contact for the competition.
  • A participant can register from more than one team. Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Team members can be from different programs and institutes.
  • The idea must be innovative and original.
  • Teams will be judged, and winners will be announced based on their presentations by the panel.
  • The decision made by the panel will be the final.

Round 1 (7th Feb–22nd Feb): The Pitcher

  • The candidates will be submitting a pitch deck and an elevator pitch video as part of their registration.

Submission Requirements:

Pitch Deck:

  • Prepare a comprehensive pitch deck (.ppt/.pptx format)
  • Include all essential elements: problem statement, solution, market opportunity, business model, etc. (Refer to the submission guidelines for detailed content).
  • Ensure authenticity, clarity, and visual appeal, as this deck will be considered in subsequent rounds.

Elevator Pitch:

  • This could include the introduction, concept, alternatives, and solution to the selected problem statement.
  • The video (.mp4 format) should not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds in duration.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submission Deadline: 22nd February
  • File Formats: Pitch Deck: .ppt/.pptx, Video: .mp4
  • Naming Convention: Pitch Deck: "TeamName_PPT", Video: "TeamName_Video"
  • Both should be submitted using a ZIP file: “TeamName_SC_Ecell”
  • Finality of Submission: Note that the submitted PowerPoint and Video will be the final version considered for subsequent rounds

Guidelines for the Pitch Deck & Video

  • We encourage early submissions to provide ample time for query resolution and feedback on your submissions.
  • The pitch deck for your startup could include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Cover Slide: Company name, logo, and contact information.
    • Problem Statement: A clear description of the problem your product/service solves (2–3 lines).
    • Solution: A brief explanation of how your product/service addresses the problem.
    • Body: Market Opportunity, Revenue generation model, Competitive Analysis, Financial Projections, Funding Received, Expansion Plans, etc
    • Thank you/Q&A Slide
  • The elevator pitch of your startup/idea could include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Opening Grab (15 seconds): Highlight the problem you solve in a clear and engaging way.
    • Deep Dive (1 minute): Showcase your solution, Explain your value proposition, Market & Opportunity, Business Model & Financials, Competitive Landscape
    • Call to Action & Closing (15 seconds): Clear call to action

Round 2: The Pitch Master

  • After getting your pitch deck shortlisted, you will be given a chance to present it directly to venture capitalists over a video meeting. In this meeting, you will be presenting your pitch deck (submitted earlier) for 5 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. The start-ups will again go through a more detailed evaluation process according to their financials, market reach, and candidates’ knowledge about their business, among other things.
  • The shortlisted teams for round 2 will be informed by email.
  • Teams need to send their confirmation regarding participation within 24 hours of receiving the mail, failing which the next-best team will be invited.

Round 3: Final Showcase 

  • For the top selected candidates, the pinnacle of the event awaits at NMIMS, Mumbai. These finalists will be extended an invitation to present their prototypes or finished products at the prestigious "Start-up Mela" This exclusive event promises an impressive and varied audience turnout.
  • Panel Presentation to Investors: In addition to the exhibition, finalists will deliver an offline presentation of their prototypes/products to the panel of esteemed investors from varied domains of collaborative partners such as healthcare, telecommunications, an all-stage startup venture, and a government partner as well. This presentation will be followed by a rigorous Q&A session.
  • Live Exhibition: In addition to the presentation, Finalists can demonstrate and exhibit their prototypes or finished products at NMIMS, Mumbai, during the "Start-up Mela".
  • Prizes and Opportunities: All finalists stand the chance to access mentorship programs and investments from the experts.
  • The shortlisted teams for round 3 will also be informed by email.
  • Teams need to send their confirmation regarding participation within 24 hours of receiving the mail, failing which the next-best team will be invited.

Event Details

Date: February 22, 2024

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