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Telling a Story Investors want to hear | May 22

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Event Description


In this session, we'll delve into the art of crafting a compelling narrative for fundraising that resonates with investors.

Led by Anshul, founder of Bharat Founder School (BFS) and a seasoned entrepreneur with successful fundraising experiences, this session aims to equip founders with actionable strategies and insights.

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Key points covered in the session:

- Understanding the significance of storytelling in fundraising and its impact on investor engagement.

- Identifying and highlighting your startup's unique value proposition to create a compelling narrative.

- Addressing common challenges faced during fundraising, including valuation determination, market positioning decisions (brand vs. marketplace), and handling the absence of a technical co-founder.

- Evaluating the optimal timing to initiate the fundraising process and navigating investor outreach effectively.

- Practical tips and strategies for enhancing investor communication, improving outreach response rates, and fostering meaningful connections.


Throughout the session, Anshul will draw from real-world examples and practical experiences to provide founders with actionable guidance that can be immediately implemented to strengthen their fundraising efforts.

About the Speaker:

Anshul, the founder of Bharat Founder School (BFS), brings a wealth of experience as a 3X founder who successfully raised capital from top funds and angels. His session will be focused on practical insights and actionable strategies tailored for founders navigating the fundraising landscape.

A bit about BFS/Bharat Founders School:

BFS is a platform designed to assist growing startup founders in refining their narratives, building compelling decks, mastering pitch techniques, connecting with investors, and navigating the entire fundraising process. Led by experienced founders like Anshul, BFS provides practical guidance and mentorship crucial for fundraising success.

Expected outcomes from the session:

1. Clear understanding of the importance of storytelling in fundraising.

2. Practical strategies for crafting a compelling narrative that attracts investors.

3. Solutions to common fundraising challenges such as valuation, market positioning, and team composition.

4. Actionable tips for improving investor reachouts and communication.

5. Insights into BFS's offerings and how it can support founders in their fundraising journey.

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Event Details

Date: May 22, 2024

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